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Cedar Organic lamb


Our ewes lamb in Spring. We have just completed this years lambing which has been very successful, lambing indoors then turning out after a few days when they are all strong enough to see off the foxes. Foxes are a major problem for us here - each year we lose many lambs to them. This year we used stockholm tar along the back of the lambs necks and Mr Fox didn't seem to find this at all appealing so that is all good!

The lambs are finished entirely on grass - fresh grass when it is grown and silage (pickled grass!) when it is not. The first lambs are ready at about 5 months. We sell the majority into an organic livestock co-operative. However we do sell some direct - when we have enough orders together for half or whole lambs, we will take a group in. These can be butchered to specific customer requirements.

For details about buying a lamb box and prices, see the main Produce page.