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Rempstone Farm, Corfe Castle, Dorset, BH20 5JH
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Cedar Organic chickens


Laying Hens

We have a lovely flock of laying hens: they live in two different types of shed. We started with the wooden sheds which each house 150 hens. As we got more established, we bought what is known as a McGregor Polytunnel: this is because it has the look of a polytunnel because it has a plastic roof which is made of strong layers of plastic with insulation in between stretched over a metal frame with plastic panels making up the walls and pop holes: it holds 450 hens under our organic system.

All the hens have plenty of ranging space outside in the field and room inside their sheds for perching, feeding and nest boxes for laying their eggs. The eggs are collected daily and are graded, packaged and delivered straight to our local retailing partners. It doesn't get a lot fresher than that! The eggs have a beautiful yellow yolk and a lovely rich flavour.

Our hens are great - they are very friendly and like to come over and have a chat when we are in the field.

Where to buy our eggs

Our clever hens lay delicious eggs and these are for sale from:

  • Corfe Castle Village Store
  • Budgens, Swanage
  • Purbeck Wholefoods, Wareham
  • Swanage Country Foods
  • The Purbeck Deli, Swanage
  • Studland Stores
  • Worth Matravers Tea Rooms & Supper Club
  • Spill the Beans, Wimborne
  • Salt Pig, Wareham
  • Norden Farm Shop, Norden

And during the Summer months from Ulwell Village Stores and Tom's Field Campsite Shop, Langton Matravers.

We do apologise if ever there are not enough in the shops - during the holiday season the demand is far higher, but we still only have the same amount of eggs each day, all year round and therefore they will sell out. Sorry!

Prices will vary from shop to shop, but they are generally, per half dozen:

Size Price
Medium £2.30
Large £2.45
Extra Large £2.50

We hope you continue to enjoy these delicious, yellow yolked eggs from the Isle of Purbeck!

Keep up to date...

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Our eggs are also used by:

  • The Castle Inn, Corfe Castle
  • The High Street Cafe, Swanage
  • The National Trust Knoll Beach Cafe
  • Rivendell Guest House, Swanage
  • The Limes B&B, Swanage
  • Clifftop Care Home
Cedar Organic chickens