Cedar Organic - organic meat beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, and eggs
Cedar Organic
Rempstone Farm, Corfe Castle, Dorset, BH20 5JH
Tel: 01929 481393  Email: info@cedarorganic.com
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About the farm

Rempstone Farm, home to Cedar Organic, is a family run farm set in the heart of the Isle of Purbeck, Dorset. The varied landscape and lush, productive grass provide the ideal conditions for our cattle, sheep, pigs and chickens to enjoy an outdoor life all year round. Passionate about British food and British farming, we have chosen to become organic as we believe it is increasingly the only defined way of providing you with an assurance of farming with minimal interference and environmental consideration, whilst working towards sustainability.

Our history

Establishing our farm in September 2007, we started with nothing but a good practical knowledge of organic farming and a lot of enthusiasm. We have carefully chosen our animals to suit our land. Our herd of Ruby Red North Devon cattle are as beautiful as they sound, and we have a flock of Lleyn sheep. Our flock of laying hens lay a delicious egg with a deep yellow yolk. When we first began our farming enterprises, we grew sasso chickens for meat birds, however in 2010 we stopped rearing these for many reasons although we do hope to one day do them again.

We are working hard to look after our small part of the British countryside, protecting and nurturing it as a healthy and productive legacy for future generations.

Andrew Head, Cedar Organic

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